What am I escaping?

There have been many times in my life when I thought I wasn’t “good enough.” Not good enough for my family, not good enough for my friends, not good enough in my relationships, not good enough in sports, not good enough in school, etc. I have learned to replace these moments of doubt with moments of pure peace! Thus, I am escaping my own insecurities and uncertainty. Pretty cool, huh? What will you escape?

Why am I escaping?

Because with every escaping moment (HA! pun intended!) God reminds me that I AM GOOD ENOUGH! Moments of pure peace with him reassure me of my worth, and with each one, I grow stronger in my self confidence. Every time I have a God-moment, I am able to hold onto it longer, and carry it with me for a few more minutes, hours, and even days. You can learn about my very first God-moment here.

My mission:

To search for, find, and capture these moments with God (God-moments) that I can carry with me forever, and help others do the same. I want the whole world to know His peace, and how freeing it is to no longer feel trapped by our own chains.

carrick a rede